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Required annually for all first responders as defined by 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6).  This class covers the requirements for the refresher for all personnel trained at the 8 hour level or above and also as the initial training for the 8 hour class requirement.  If you require the 24-hour HAZWOPER, that training is available through your sales representative.

White Minibuses


Required every three years for all hazmat employees, which are defined as “a person (including a self-employed person) who: loads, unloads, or handles hazmat; tests, reconditions, repairs, modifies, marks, or otherwise represents packaging as qualified for use in the transportation of hazmat; prepares hazmat for transportation; is responsible for safety of transporting hazmat; or operates a vehicle used to transport hazmat” as defined by 49 CFR 172.700 - 172.704.

Waste Management


Required annually for employees of hazardous waste generators who work in any position related to hazardous waste management as defined by 40 CFR 262.34(a) and 40 CFR 265.16.

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