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Stuff You Never Think Of.

Our Mission

Our passion is helping companies like yours navigate regulatory compliance.  We have over 30 years of hands-on experience in the Environmental and Health & Safety fields.  Need annual training for your team to maintain compliance?  Not sure what to do with that underground storage tank you just found on your property? Maybe you need to make improvements in safety culture, or you're not sure how to respond to a notice or letter from one of the Agencies.  Whether you have a starting point in mind or need an audit to help develop a plan, SYNTO can help.  We help our customers navigate the ever changing world of regulations and compliance.  

At SYNTO, we specialize in the Stuff You Never Think Of. 

Training Services

SYNTO offers training classes to keep you in compliance, while promoting a safe workplace.  We offer flexibility - your schedule, in person or remote, our venue or yours.  The possibilities are endless!

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Why choose

What makes us unique?

Thanks to over 30 years in the emergency response industry, we understand the 9 to 5 mentality doesn't always work.  Luckily, there are more hours in the day and we don't mind using them.  Need training for a 3rd shift crew without incurring overtime?  No problem - that's what coffee is for. Prefer a Saturday class to avoid shutting down operations? We have you covered.  

We also understand location is an important factor.  That's why we not only have our own local facilities, we don't mind using trains, planes and automobiles to come to you.  And, like so many of us, we are well versed in remote training.

Our classes are informative and we pride ourselves in injecting real life antidotes and some humor to reinforce course material.  And,  with prior notice, we may be able to include pertinent company or site specific information.

Upcoming Events

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